Meet our General Manager - Kurt Fortune

kurt GM 1.png

About Kurt Fortune

Meet the highly proclaimed General Manager of Lakeside Lodge & Spa, Kurt Fortune. Kurt  started working for the collection in 2017 as assistant manager for Lakeside Lodge & Spa and has since mastered the skill of customer satisfaction.

His vast wine knowledge is very beneficial to the brand and after 8 years in the industry one can say he has paved the way to a unique outlook on wine and service delivery.

Kurt has a genuine passion for wine and pays great attention to detail. He treasures family above all else and as a result has moved to Sedgefield to be closer to his lovely wife who is also responsible for the other half of the lodge. Together they make sure that Lakeside Lodge & Spa is the ideal destination to visit when in the Garden Route.

Some of his favorite hobbies are making the most of family time, gaming and playing the role of a computer technician.

Kurt is very excited about his new role as Lakeside Lodge & Spa General Manager and after having been thoroughly trained by Karl Petersen on the daily ins and outs of the establishment, he is a true asset to our team.

We welcome him with open arms and congratulate him on this position.