Get your MBA in pleasure

Master chocolatier Jane Stuart understands wild moments. They are part of the chocolate and wine pairing she has created for Benguela Brasserie.

Jane explains that “a kind of wild moment” comes about when you pair a superior wine with its chocolate equivalent. But do not storm the portals of pleasure, warns our chocolatier. Rather, approach them softly-softly with some chocolate in your mouth and a Benguela Cove wine in your glass.

Here’s how you pair chocolate and wine:

 First sip the wine and run it around your mouth.

Then put the chocolate in your mouth and wait for it to start to melt. (You may also bite.)

Take your second sip of wine while you still have the chocolate in your mouth. “This is your kind of wild moment” says Jane.

Here’s what you will savour:

  • Dark chocolate with a lemon ganache filling, paired with the elegant tropical fruit flavour of the Benguela Cove Sauvignon Blanc 2013.
  •  Milk chocolate with a filling of honey and almond, paired with the complex generosity of the Benguela Cove Chardonnay 2014.  
  • Dark chocolate with a peppery ganache filling, paired with the elegant sweet fruitiness of the Benguela Cove Matilda’s Secret 2013. The white peppery notes echo the aftertaste of the Chardonnay and serve to accentuate its berry flavours.  
  • Dark chocolate with a very hot chilli ganache filling, paired with the beautiful rich fruit flavours of the Benguela Cove Shiraz 2012.

“The last choc is the big finish” Jane explains. “It also pushes out the fruit flavour of the wine. It would wreck your palate if you tried it earlier in the tasting.”

Dramatic words. But summed up the science of pleasure is quite simple. Chocolate and wine work so well together because some of the molecules in the red grape skins are the same as found in the cocoa bean. When you sample these delights your brain releases serotonin, which gives you pleasure. And now you know why chocolate and good wine make you so happy.

The chocolate and wine pairing starts 1 March at Benguela Brasserie. R85 per person. Gift vouchers are available.