Let’s get Shucking….

Even the most discerning bon vivants and wine connoisseurs will be thrilled and delighted with what’s on offer at The Knysna Oyster Festival this year! With a fantastic line-up of events ranging from Oyster Shucking to Forest marathons and cycle races, Gala evenings, plenty of wine and (of course) Oyster Tasting, this diverse festival has something special for everyone. With an expected turnout of over 60 000 people, and about 200 000 Oysters this gorgeous town is jam packed with excitement for 10 full days!

Venues simply don’t get better than this, the small town of Knysna is brimming with exquisite fauna and flora, hiking trails, cultural attractions, township tours, sunset cruises and more. The great part is, if you’re staying at Lakeside Lodge & Spa you can break away from the hustle and bustle and  enjoy Sundowners on our Pontoon Boat, put your feet up by the pool and have a warm bath to relax those aching muscles if you're taking part in any of the high impact sporting events.

Stay tuned as Lakeside Lodge & Spa will be bringing you festival tips, event updates and registration reminders as we build up to this 10 day party! This week we’re going to look at how to safely Shuck an Oyster ….so here we go

Step 1: Hold the oyster firmly in one hand, knife in the other.  Slip the knife blade between the top and bottom shell right by the hinge on back. The person in this picture is holding the oyster with her bare hands - WE DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS! Drape a towel over your open palm and hold the oyster that way - the shell ridges are sharp!

Step 2: Run the knife the way around the oyster until you get to the other side. This sounds easy until you're actually doing it! Some oysters just don't take kindly to people sticking knives in their shell.  Be brave and put some muscle into it, but be careful - this is where you'll cut or stab yourself.

Step 3: Using a twisting motion, pry the top and bottom shells apart. Be gentle but firm so you don't lose any of the liquid inside.

Step 4: Cut the oyster free from his shell.  He'll be connected by a tough knob on his underside; slide your knife under and sever it.  You can either go to the trouble of setting down your blade and using a little fork to pick the oyster out, or you can do like the natives do and just scoop him with your knife and pop him in your mouth.  Drink the liquid out of the shell.

Next week we take a look at how to make a Knysna Oyster Festival Oyster Shooter - connect with us on Facebook and Twitter for regular festival tips, Oyster recipes and event updates. If you would like to find out more about The Knysna Oyster Festival Please go to www.oysterfestival.co.za! See you soon!